Fast Rate to Quote spreadsheet calculator for truckload and expedite shipments.Options to price out a Solo, Expedite and Team Expedite 


Time frame provided with deadhead included.. Option on Pay Per Mile and Percentage Pay.
Factoring discount is added as well so you know what you get and what you need to pay to your subcontractor.
System generated rates based on per hour charge to per mile charge.
 Just set the rate  per hour and you have multiple options.
 Small accounting on Driver pay and Contractor PayBasic accounting  as Carrier  to Contractor and combinations as split between Carrier and Contractor and then split between Contractor and Driver with fuel paid by the driver or fuel paid by contractor,percentage pay with options as factoring.
If you are looking to save time and be price consistent in quoting  to your clients  then this all  you need.
 To purchase copy and paste into your browser or email  info@tmixp.com :










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