We are offering  Trucking  Desktop applications as Shipping Rate Calculator( new version coming soon),  Trucking Invoice Maker,  Password Manager,  Shipment Management  Database and  Vehicle  Trailer Driver Database Manager.   THESE APPS WILL WORK ONLY On Windows OS Computers   NO INTERNET REQUIRED. NO SUBSCRIPTION. ALL DATA IS YOURS AND WILL STAY IN YOUR COMPUTER.          


Why pay for a trucking software subscription plan when you can work with your own desktop apps? 


Why do you need an office to do your paperwork when you can work offline anywhere?


Our team created a simple solution for all your needs from quoting and booking to invoicing. 

We know being on the road makes it hard to get internet sometimes and for that reason all apps are internet free and can be used on multiple computers with the same setup for the same company.


 For Windows Version Computers ONLY  ---  these Apps can not work with any Apple computers




A new and more complex is version coming soon 

       Based on your type of freight, vfreight value and  cost to operate per hour, type of equpment and type of service demanded.  
 Your company quotations will be solid for any kind of equipment
Breakdown on operation factors as mpg,cpm,fsc, mph,base rate, fuel cost,travel time solo or team with 11 hours of driving, and 13 hours off duty rule.
"Travel time estimate" is based on the driving speed and depends on type of equipment and service demanded by your clients. 
Basic accounting on Driver pay and Contractor Pay. Option on Pay Per Mile and Percentage Pay.  The empty miles are included as well.
Each quote will show how much you earn and how much you do need to pay out to your subcontractor.
 Estimated supply chain cost based on your cost, client target rate, agency, and broker profit margins.
                                                                     Shipment Database Manager


Did you book a shipment already? Now it is time to record it into a smart database with all the information you might have about everything as load details, shipper, receiver, and booking agents. Easy to create reports and filter by date, pro number,

pick-up, and drop-off states.



                                                    Carrier  Invoice Maker

                                       This will come as an exe. install * Run as administrator   
                                   Custom-built  Invoice maker for Trucking Business Only
                                Manual Input for Invoice Number will override the auto input 
                                     Database for Brokers, Shippers, and Receivers, Logo   
                                                                            Password Manager 
When working with carriers, brokers, shippers, forwarders, buyers, and sellers, most of them have their own websites with their own load boards. This app will keep all your log-ins, passwords, pin numbers, and agent contact in one place. 
 Easy to edit and filter, if needed there are options for a customized login page for each user. 



  Truck Trailer Driver Database Manager


This App  will help with recording maintenance events, part numbers and  repair expenses,  simple truck/trailer/driver database




                                                   For more info please contact us at  info@tmixp.com









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